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SomaSmart Pre-Primary content is aligned to 2-6-6-3 curriculum. The content is designed to develop a well-rounded preschool learner. The core learning areas are reinforced with fun activities and an outcome based learning structure. Learners are expected to identify each letter of the alphabet and be ready to read three letter words by the end of the thematic units. Learners are expected to acknowledge their family members, schoolmates and teachers by name and understand the sounds associated with letters of the alphabet. The learner should be able to increase his or her vocabulary in English on a daily basis. SomaSmart has evaluated what children are expected to learn in pre-school and designed a learning curve that aligns multiple skill sets for standard expectations for learners.
Following are some of the subjects taken at Pre-Primary:
  1. Mathematics
  2. Language
  3. CRE
  4. Environmental
  5. Psychomotor

Lower Primary

As learners develop mentally from preschool and join the lower primary school. We ensure that the transition is smooth as we maintain the fun, interactivity and quality of our content on SomaSmart.
For teachers, SomaSmart offers a flexible solution for your teaching needs wherever you are, allowing you to plan in advance, set work for your learners and assess their progress. A teacher can get tailor made lesson plans, interesting teaching and learning activities that will enrich their lessons. Some of the subjects taught at Lowe Primary school include:
  1. Mathematics
  2. Language
  3. CRE
  4. Environmental
  5. Art and design
  6. Kiswahili
  7. Hygiene and Nutrition
  8. Music
  9. Movement and creative
  10. Literacy Activities

Upper Primary

At SomaSmart we strongly believe in holistic development of learners. We endeavor to create stimulating learning environment. pupils/ student and teachers at upper primary have not been left out of SomaSmart program.
They too have access to content comprising of lessons packed with learner centered, differentiated, exciting and enjoyable activities.
Some of the subjects taught at upper primary include:
  1. Mathematics
  2. English
  3. Kiswahili
  4. CRE
  5. Social Studies


In 8-4-4 syllabus, secondary schools have been enrolling students from 13 years of age. With the introduction of 2-6-6-3, this will be changing soon to accommodate learners as young as 11 and 12 years of age.
Soma Smart now introduces interactive digital learning content for the secondary school learners which will prepare them for college life. Here, we cover six major areas:
  1. Communication (English, Kiswahili and foreign languages)
  2. Mathematics
  3. Science (physical and biological)
  4. Humanities (geography, history, government, religious education, social education, and ethics)
  5. Applied education (agriculture, industrial education, wood technology, metal technology, power mechanics, electrical technology, business education, accounts, commerce, typing and office practice, home science, clothing and textiles, food and nutrition, arts, and music)
  6. Physical education.


Are you a teacher? If yes then Soma Smart has something special for you. Teachers can now create video, audio, and text-based courses that help you to make an extra coin online.
With the internet taking the world by storm, you can now take advantage of the many learners who want online tuition or simply learning online by reading or watching captivating educational content which is curriculum based.
Simply sign up on Soma Smart.
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Schools that have subscribed to Soma Smart allows their teachers to use Soma Smart in re-emphasizing on lessons/topics they are teaching in class. Learners can be allowed to continue with their learning (anytime) in the evenings, weekends and over the holidays to combat holiday learning loss via Soma Smart from anywhere. Some of the advantage’s schools reap from subscribing to Soma Smart include:
  • We have learner assessment and feedback tools that allow students to view their own progress and test on topic retention after going through the topic.
  • Access to Soma Smart 24/7 from anywhere, anytime bridges the gap between school and home to boost parental engagement and support teachers effort.
  • We have special package rates for schools which goes to as low as KES 120 per student per year.
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